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Is Over-Analyzing Just an Opportunity to Avoid Grit?

Recently, I ordered a used cellular phone off E-Bay, the LG G3. My current phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3, is running rather sluggish and given it’s age, I’ve been considering an upgrade. I’ve been putting it off for some time though, because when I make a purchase like this (one I expect to last for years) I go into heavy research mode. Ideally I would line up all the current phones, compare their specs, read reviews, make a list of my requirements and on and on. To my credit, this method tends to work fairly well, at least regarding this particular type of goal, of purchasing a product that I’ll be satisfied with for some time.
My purchase ended up being induced by reading an article online that had a table comparing pixel density on various LCD screens. This included computer monitors, televisions and even mobile phones. Despite a 5k monitor on the list (what the article was actually about), the LG G3 ranked at the top for PPI. For whatever reason, I immediately became interested, did s…