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IE Oddities

I recently ran into an extremely frustrating glitch with some web pages I was working on. To spare myself more repetition, below is the description of the problem that I almost posted to a Google Group in search of an answer as I had run out of ideas: I have an extremely strange issue with a page I'm working on. For some reason, on this one machine that I remote into, the inline event handlers inside a particular table fail to work. I know the ideal thing here is to get rid of them and go with DOM level 2 but that would take some considerable effort and I really need a short term solution at the moment. This problem only happens on one particular machine (just so happens the one people have to use) that we'll name "Weirdo". I can run the same code locally and it works fine, I can even load the site from Weirdo onto another remote machine or my local machine and it works. It's only on Weirdo and only in rows of a particular table do inline event handlers fai