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Anoying XSLT Error

Had a nasty error in using an XSLT today. I was attempting to perform a transform but before I got that far, I kept getting an error, specifically when trying to set the stylesheet property of the xsl template object. dim xslt , xmltempl set xslt = Server . CreateObject ( "Msxml2.FreeThreadedDOMDocument" ) xslt . async = false xslt . load Server . MapPath ( "my.xsl" ) set xmltempl = Server . CreateObject ( "Msxml2.XSLTemplate" ) set xmltempl . stylesheet = xslt The error I kept getting was "The system cannot locate the object specified" and I kept getting it right at the last line. I would then use my debugger to browse the xslt object and see that all the xml for that stylesheet was loading just fine as expected. I was very confused and spent a considerable amount of time trying to fix it. Thankfully a colleague had a suggestion and to make a potentially long story short, the issue was that the xslt I was trying to impor