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Baldur's Gate and Fourteen Years of Data Inflation

Often when you read an article or listen to some TV program mentioning some amount of money significantly in the past, they will often give a separate amount in “today’s dollars”. That is, since the value of the dollar decreases (usually) over time (inflation), how many dollars would we need today to have the same value? Such “adjusted for inflation” amounts are often provided in order to give a better perspective to a modern listener or viewer just how much value a given amount of money had back then to society.

What we don’t see often though (I have never seen this actually), is an “adjusted for inflation” value when talking about data sizes of the past. Referencing the double density floppy disk as holding 1.44MB has sounded abysmally small for the past decade. However, when they were released back in the 80’s, this was not the case. I remember a tech teacher of mine saying that when he first got his 3.5 inch floppy drive and disk, the question that came to his mind was “how on Eart…